Barcaldine Primary School

What do we do?
We base our health and well-being experiences on the SHANARRI model and looking after the physical, social, mental and emotional well-being of pupils and staff is at the heart of teaching and learning at Barcaldine Primary School. We engage in both physical education and physical activity weekly. We spend time outdoors promoting positive mental, emotional and social well-being, through being active, connecting with nature, breathing fresh air, having daylight and a bit of sunshine on our faces and having fun with friends. Through many activities the children are required to show teamwork, respect for each other and take on responsible roles regarding safety. We promote healthy eating and looking after our teeth.

The pupils are very active, taking part in activities such as swimming, tennis, football, tag rugby and orienteering. We join up with the other small school for these activities and enjoy both the physical and social benefits of sailing and hill-walking with Stramash.
The pupils learn about assessing risk and keeping safe when learning about road safety, using tools in the woods, using fire and the Kelly Kettle.
We have developed a ‘Quiet Den’ in the classroom and a ‘Peaceful Garden’ outdoors for anybody to use when they want to relax, and have time to themselves.
Our 2 day HWB conference, with 5 small schools focussed on subjects such as e-safety, substance misuse, our bodies, teamwork, being happy, emergency situations and there was time to socialise too.

Why do we do it? What is the impact?
If we have all of the SHANARRI indicators right then children can ‘make the most of life’ and work to their full potential in all other areas of the curriculum.
Through a positive approach to health and well-being across the curriculum we hope to promote long, healthy, happy lives for our young people.

What would we like to do next?
Encourage physical activity on a daily basis and ensure 2 hours of physical education weekly.
Research what makes a balanced diet to further encourage healthy eating.
Invite other schools to join us for ‘School in the Woods’.