Barcaldine Primary School

What do we do?
We are an Eco-School. We have our seventh green flag. Our main areas of focus for 2019-2020 are Global Citizenship, Bio-diversity and Litter. Although every two years we are required to focus on 3 different themes, Eco-schools is embedded throughout our curriculum and we are active in all areas of it.

Each pupil is responsible for a different job; paper recycling, turning off computers, litter and healthy eating monitor.
We use our school grounds to grow fruit and vegetables and have been successful in two local horticultural shows. Every year we collect seaweed from the beach to nourish the soil.
We are active and healthy while working in the woods. It keeps us fit, we have time to explore and connect with nature and we are a great team when it comes to creating the Wood Palace.

Why do we do it? What is the impact?
Through Eco-Schools we develop our awareness of our planet and our place in it. Through first hand experiences we make connections with our environment and the impact we have. We learn how to live a more sustainable life.

What would we like to do next?
Re-establish our wormery to make fertiliser for our garden.
Develop different areas of the school grounds for teaching and learning. One area will have a reading den made out of recycled plastic bottles, log seating from the local woods and blackboards for writing on.
Create sculptures and more dens from willow.
Take part in the Big Pedal and Walk to School Week.